Last nekröupdate: 20.07.2023.

Some new lps, cds and tapes added in distro dis-section. Check & buy ör die!

The new GRUFT prodüktion malignant release has been unleashed!
UPON THE ALTAR promo demo on analog casette tape. Nothing but pure underground Death Metal. For details check the releases dis-section.
Intensive works on the next releases is underway, more information soon...

New vinyls from IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTION on the way to GRUFT bunker... In distro soon!

Remembering the great old times when the Brazilian Death Metal rising and conquered the world with the forces of KRISIUN, REBAELLIUN, ABHORRENCE, OPHIOLATORY, MENTAL HORROR, QUEIRON, NEPHASTH any many others VEHEXION has comes and reminds these great underground feeling with their first full-length release "The Chaos Supremacy" listen here released by Sociedade dos Mortos. Cd available soon on the Gruft distribütion!

MACABRO GENOCIDIO pestilent Ecuadorian Black/Death Metal horde based in Italy released great underground split release listen here "Morbido malefico genocidio / Aliados al rayo de la muerte" with Peruvian bastards MORBOSATAN. Available on 12" black vinyl at the Gruft Distribütion now! Write!

Już do nabycia w Gruft Bistro distro najnowszy R'LYEH zine opus 16! A w nim wywiady: HATE THEM ALL, TRUPI SWĄD, OMEGA VORTEX, WARHAMMER, BLACK HOSTS, TOTAL SLAUGHTER, DAMNATION, NECRODEATH, CULT OF DAATH, SHUB-NIGGURATH, SARTEGOS, GRAND BELIAL'S KEY, MORBID WINDS, SCHIZODEATH, DEATH COURIER, SCHISMATIC, VEHEMENT THROWER, DEMOLITION HAMMER, N.N.M. FOREST OF IMPALED, DEATHCULT + masa innych artykułów, wywiadów, tradycyjnie w kurwe recenzji! Dodatkowo do każdego nr 2 CD GRATIS!!! Druk, 120 stron A4 w całości po polsku!
Czytaj papierowe fanziny albo giń!

Książka pt. "ACHTÜNG! MAGNUS" oficjalna historia zespołu MAGNUS napisana przez Roba Bandita dostępna w Gruft Distribütion! Prawie 300 stron historii zespołu suto okraszonej fotografiami + plakat 50 x 30 cm! Die! - nie dam, sprzedam!

Nekröenjoy with the classic as goat fükking Swedish Death/Black/Thrash Metal masters GROTESQUE with compilation "In the Embrace of Evil" listen here. Last copy on black as musick vinyl available at the Gruft Distribütion.

Unholy dark Death Metal from Spain SPECTRUM MORTIS worship here. Nekrösound of Death!

...on the ashes of Mighty POISON (Ger) the R.U. DEAD? was born. If you would like to hear some classic Death Metal check here r.u. dead? sound of death. Dead but forgotten!

What a great surprise from 2008!? Today I've great ear torment by BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS from Australia at noon! Real dark Death Metal, massive, crushing, destroying. For total tormenting of your ears visit their bandcamp Buy stuff ör die now!

The brand new GRUFT prodüktion infernal releases unleashed!
Two ZMORA full-lenght on total pro-tapes ready to abusing & shipping. Have a graet nekröenjoy to listen "Popioły tego świata" and "Wieczna ciemność i wieczne zimno" on the most proper for Black Metal analog cassette format! Every tape comes with logo sticker and badge! Check the releases dis-section for details.

New cds and tapes arrived!!! Check the distro dis-section. Arrives from HELLS HEADBANGERS Records, NUCLEAR WINTER Records, MARTYRDOOM Records, CRYPTS OF ETERNITY Productions, AUSTRALIS Records, MEMENTO MORI Records, BLOOD HARVEST Records, PAGAN Records, REFORESTATION Records, DARK BLASPHEMIES Records, FORGOTTEN WISDOM Records, HAMMERHEART Records, HELL IS HERE Production, IRON PEGASUS Records, UNDER THE SIGN OF GARAZEL Records, OLD TEMPLE Records.

Mighty SLAUGHTER LORD from Australia with cvlt classic "Taste of Blood" Demo! Real metal with harsh and sharp sound. For ear tormenting enter here now!

New GRUFT prodüktion release unleashed! Mighty INFERNAL CONJURATION "Death has Appeared..." MCD is ready to kill now. Nothing but pure Unholy Death Metal in the obscure way. Go to releases dis-section for deathails!

New Metal press in distribution dis-section added! Written only in Polish: Infernal Death zine #10, R'LYEH zine #11, VAGINALLUFTWAFFE zine #5, Old Temple Magazine #1/2013 and Music Magazine #6 (1/2014).

The two new GRUFT prodüktion releases has been evoken! LA SANCHE and KAOSKULT cassette tapes are ready to send and make chaos in underground... Go to releases!!! ...ör die!

The new Polish Death Metal horde EXECUTION OF LIGHT release their first demonstration tape called "Rotting Blood of Sacrifice" through the gates of TERROR CULT Production!!! Expect nothing but pure Death Metal raw and merciless nekrösound. Check this horrible release with playing "Execution of Light" song at "distribution" dis-section also!

The new cd release is out now!!! Long awaited full-lenght of Berlin based Polish bringers of death GENITAL PUTREFACTION called "Stworzony przez bogów" is available!!!

New cd releases still hot!!! Chicago Death Metallers FUNEREAL "The Misery Season" CD und Polish persecütors DEATHLUST with self-titled MCD available now. Just check the releases dis-section!

Two new obsküre tape releases: WIDMO "Zawdy wracają... tak i zawdy czynili" und ZMORA "Noc trupiej bieli. Noc przeklętych wichrów." demo(n)s spells is OUT NOW!!! Descriptions and sound-samples available in releases dis-section now!!!

Polish Goat-bastards and notoric drinkers BLOODTHIRST abasing with new MCD "Żądza Krwi" (meaning "blood thirst" in Polish)!!! Four blasts of blackened Thrash Metal again. Expect just bloody sacrifices, piles of heretic bones, curses and soul annihilation. All daibolical incantations in Polish! Buy ör die!!!

TILL YOU FUKKIN BLEED at annoucing new release ELDEREON's "Blood of the Dying" full-lenght on CD und TAPE!!! Near 40 minutes of Death Black Metal with horrible melodies and parts of slowly dying. Check this nekröshit!

New releases OUT NOW!!! It's:

Polish bringers of death KILL with "Death Kill Metal" on CD!!! Expect total Death Metal!!!

Suomi thrash madkömmando TÄRPÄTH with their furious "Botnia Thräsh Assault" Demo(n) on real tape!!!

Listen the nekrösound on their gayspaces at and !!!

Where the eternal throne of evil, where the river of blood, fall on your knees and pay the worship! In de confente Satanas!!! GODZ OV WAR Productions at will release "Diabolic Altar" by Polish demons from BESATT!!! Strictly limited edition: 100 goatcopies on bloodred vinyl + black/white printed backpatch!!! und 250 goatcopies on black as Satan's shit vinyl!!! Worship and die!

WYRM Records at released full-lenght fist "Quintessence of Evil" of Polish brutal Death Metal combo MASTABAH!!! Nine devastating songs for deströying your fükking sküll. Die!

Polish REX DIABOLI Productions at REX DIABOLI Productions released first ultimate plague on vinyl!!!! It's EBOLA (Pol) with their mighty debut "Infernal Revelation"!!! Eleven massive old sküll strikes completed here by four acts of annihilation created by industrial/ambient project HOROLOGIUM and two additional songs recorded exclusively for the sake of this release, including the cover song of cult Czech barbarians KRABATHOR! Over 33 minutes of merciless transmission! The whole thing is served with gloomy artwork in the gatefold form. Extensive booklet with slanderous graphics and lyrics, white vinyl and A2 Eposter. All copies are hand numbered und limited to 500 copies!!!

BLOODTHIRST (Pol) / EXCIDIUM (Pol) split CD out now!!!

„Infernal Thrashing Kömmandments” to tytuł tego rozrywającego uszy krążka. Niszczyciele z BLOODTHIRST prezentują dwie nowe zabójcze piosenki + covery VENOM i MORBID ANGEL. Autorem niepokojącego intro jest INFAMIS (KREPULEC, Beast of Prey Label !!!). Zabójcy EXCIDIUM wykonują sześć opętanych utworów zawierających wersję kanadyjskich mistrzów z RAZOR. Piekło nadchodzi! Słuchajcie uważnie objawionych przykazań i szykujcie swoje dusze na bezlistosne tortury. Napierdalać banią lub gińcie huje!!!

„Infernal Thrashing Kömmandments” is the title of this earsharping cd. Deströyers from BLOODTHIRST present 2 new killer songs + cover versions of tremendous VENOM and mighty MORBID ANGEL. Horrific intro done by INFAMIS (KREPULEC, Beast of Prey Label !!!). EXCIDIUM's assassins perform 6 possessed tracks including cover version of Canadian masters RAZOR. Inferno is coming! Listen carefully to revealed kömmandments and prepare your soul for merciless torture. Bang ör die fükkers!!!

The sound of Apocalypse is coming... The Mexican evil squad EVIL ENTOURAGE has come to take their dominion with new weapon in their armoury.... This is real primordial Death Metal. 11 tracks of total devastation. "Dominion" it's all about DEATH! Satan & Death!!!

Norwegian extreme metalists BYFROST from Bergen have spit out „Byfrostmetal” MCD. Expect great majestic and proud metal stuff in distribution soon...

DEMOGORGON (Pol) „Christ is a Lie” CD 2008 OUT NOW !!!
Nine blasphemous hymns of killer DEATH METAL. Expect massive sound, christripping guitars, monumental blasts and vokillings!!! The fist in the face of god... christ is only a lie...

Polish maniakal thrashers from PERSECUTOR has just released debut album "Wings Of Death" on Time Before Time Records! Expect only black/speed/death Metal blasphemy and madness! Pure fükking Evilness for maniacs of real old sküll way... in GRUFT distribution!

After many months of toil and anticipation the long awaited first full length album by Canadian masters of bizarre metal MITOCHONDRION called "Archaeaeon" is finally available! 11 twisted tracks of hellish, unique, multi-facetted Death Metal. Really soon in GRUFT distro!

Unholy brothers STRANDHOGG predict new opus "Ritualistic Plague" soon through PAGAN Records. One hymn from the upcoming album "Prophecy of World Funeral" you can listen on their website.

The long awaited album "Threnody of the Crucifix" by Danish CRUCIFIX is finally released! If you like it fast - You will love this! Over 40 minutes torture by brutal uncompromising death metal! Chaos & fury, catchy riffs, tons of blast beats and grind all the way to hell & back again! Devastating vocals that creep to your bones! Expect in distribution soon I hope!

LIFELESS (Ger) is one of Germany´s most traditional death metal acts, proven by their first album "Beyond the threshold of death"! The self-released full-lenght was produced and recorded by the band. The mastering was done by Vesa Kenttäkumpu from swedish death metal legend EVOCATION!!! Expect pure Death Metal sound in the Scandinavian way. Death Metal Victory!!! So watch out in GRUFT prodüktion distro very soon!!!

After lazy time with visiting concerts and drinking beer I have a nekröpleasure to announce new releases!!! The new tape desecrations OUT NOW:
MASTEMA (Swe) „Those Who Walk in Darkness” Promo Tape 2005
INFERNAL CONJURATION (Mex) „Tremendous Plague” Demo Tape 2007

ABHORROT is raw and obscure sounding Metal of Death emerging from the crypts of eternal damnation. Unburied in 2007, the abomination is alive. The demo(n) „Death in Blasphemy” released in march 2008. This nekröstuff contains 4 tracks + NIHILIST cover. Unfortunately limited to 75 copies on cdr and 25 copies on tape are sold out now. But I hope that the band find some way to make this demo(n) available via GRUFT prodüktion. For further information get in contact with the band!!!

Swedish old-school thrashers from DIE HARD have spit out MCD „Evil Always Return”. It’s amazing piece of nighmterish thrash metal and available April 29th, 2008 A.S. Ask them or expect soon in distribution. DIE HARD currently working on new material, and looking for a new label, for a full-length album probably to be released in the end of 2008. Release them? Heh! Träsha tills döden!!!

Polish satanikk hell-opressors from EBOLA strikes with their first destrüktive album „Infernal Revelation” through Old Temple Records! Ultimate plague in incarnation of real oldsküll Death Metal!!! Infernalna rewelacja!!!

GRUFT prodüktion with hateful pride presents SUPREME LORD's „Legion of Doom" demo(n) stuff! This is real fükking death metal! Deathails in releases dis-section.

Another blasphemous strike is ready! The merciless tyrants from HELLISH attacks with "Bestial Wrath" under the flag of GRUFT prodüktion!

"Sküllkrushing deströyers" the long-awaited split with SWORN and BLOODSOUL is done! Fresh blood depraved of innocence! For samples check the releases dis-section.

Polish horde INFIDEL came with "Bloody Horns of Wrath" demo(n) stuff! Expect pure chaos, blood and blasphemy!!! This nekröstuff you'll find in GRUFT distribution!

Polish antichristian thrash metallers BLOODTHIRST have signed to Pagan Records. The band ended recording their debut full lenght album called "Let Him Die". Expect nine songs of violent, bone crushing, headbanging Thrash Metal in the vein of the 80's titans: KREATOR, PROTECTOR, ASSASSIN... "Let Him Die" is expected to be released somewhere in the midle of 2007.

The split with THRONEUM and REVELATION OF DOOM is already done and available via Pagan Records. The album is titled "Total Regression!" Including exclusive, all new cuts from both bands with many great covers (Hellhammer, Blasphemy, Destruction, Morgoth to name a few...) Recommended for fans of raw and ugly Death/Black Metal.

Old Temple announces deal with Polish SAURON, the representative of the old Black Metal scene. This is fourth stuff "HornologY" containing above 38 minutes of blasphemies and heresy. Straight fist in the face of good!

Next release from Old Temple Records is DECEPTION with "Nails Sticking Offensive" full-lenght cd. It's almost 30 minutes of merciless, fast and pure death metal. This album brings nine blasphemous satanic acts and intro. Aggressive riffs, mighty blasts, brutal assault! "Nails Sticking Offensive" gives you nails to the necks of christian pigs!

Again Old Temple records... The label presents special release containing first singles of SHINING "Submit to Selfdestruction" and FUNERAL DIRGE "The Silence Ebony". Album "The Sinister Alliance" filled with pain, darkness and depression...

CUNTFUCK was formed!!! This disguisting creature brings vomits and alcoholic Black Metal!

NORTH "Na Polach Bitew (In the Battlefields)" CD out now!!! Over 42 minutes of Crushing Pagan War Metal. Fourth album of Slavonic Heathen Warriors from Poland with lyrics in their native language. NORTH belongs to the cult first wave of True Polish Black Metal of early 90's along with BEHEMOTH, GRAVELAND, HERMH, SACRILEGIUM and INFERNUM. Chwała NORTH!!!

"Diabolic Impious Evil" the third assault of the most extreme Polish TRUE Death Metal war machine AZARATH has been unleashed. Honest and brutal manifesto of sonic wildness and unbelievable power. The essence of Satanic Death Metal. Listen how the True blackened Satanic Death Metal should be done. Listen ör die!!!

The re-edition of NORTH album "Thorns on the Black Rose" is finally out on OLD TEMPLE Records. The stuff contains 42 minutes of freezing, raw black metal with pagan lyrics. No doubt - it's one of the best black metal materials ever recorded in Poland. The CD is released in digipack with huge booklet with lyrics and photos of the band. Handnumbered copies!!!

THUNDERBOLT's new album entitled "Apocalyptic Doom" is ready!!! It contains 9 blasphemous songs and devastate!!!

MORDHELL's "Suicide Blood" promo - the second plague of GRUFT prodüktion is out now!!! Six törturing and obsküre traxxx of unpure black metal. Deathails soon!!! Available for 5€ (Europe), 6$ (World), 15zł (Polska), postage paid.

Finnish Death Metallers NERLICH have inked deal with OSM Records. The band have just finished recording the album which will be titled "Defabricated Process". The record is scheduled to come out in December of 2006.

KRIEGSMASCHINE's full lenght "Altered States of Divinity" is finally out on vinyl by Polish TODESKULT entertainment. Only 500 copies pressed, different layout than the CD version, 180 gr heavy vinyl, printed innersleeves, silver hot foil print, two A2 posters. Ask for copies now!

ANIMA DAMNATA - The Unholy Trinity finally released long awaited "Tormenting Pale Flesh of the Syphilic Holy Whore" disgusting MCd by Canadian Morbid Moon Records.

OLD TEMPLE rekordz presents 3-way split with SOULLESS - satanic death metal /Poland/, PANDEMIC GENOCIDE - satanic death metal /Poland/ and ARMINIUS - death metal /Holland/. 53 minutes of total death metal!!!

First full-lenght album of MORD called "Christendom Perished" will be available soon on Southernlord Rec. Total Black Metal Annihilation!!!

THRONEUM / NECROCCULTUS / SANCTIFIER "Cemetery Sons Of Hell" split CD is just released by Warfuck / Warhymns Records.

KRIEGSMASCHINE full lenght "Altered States of Divinity" CD is finally out by Polish TODESKULT entertainment. You should deny and reject all deities! Prepare your cosciousness for altered states of divinity by KRIEGSMASCHINE!!!

After five years of many merciless battles MORTIFICY is on the studio recording their debut album "Burn and Suffer"!!! The pre-recording sessions are done. The band invites all their fans and friends to follow the recording sessions journal and other information, that can be found at their website:

The "Blood on the Southern Cross" demo tape of Australian ABORTIUM is available, seven tracks of devastating thrashy black/death!

Unfortunately Czech masters of dark/death metal AVENGER stoped all activities.

Both KAAMOS albums will be released as gatefold vinyl editions on Imperium Productions. They will be strictly limited to 500 copies each and include a poster. First out will be the debut album in late August; "Lucifer Rising" is to follow during late autumn. Inquires can be directed to:

MORTEM - the Death Metal titans from Peru released the new album called "De Natura Daemonum"!!!

OLD TEMPLE rec. presents 3-way split with polish bands: FLAGELLATION (brutal death metal) / FAECES (death metal) / DENEB (death / black metal). The CD include 35 minutes of furious and angry music. Every band recorded a special song: Flagellation-DYING FETUS cover, Faeces-MORTICIAN cover, Deneb-MAYHEM cover. As usually it is be non-standard edition, strictly limited and hand-numbered. The release box is made of metal sheet and four separated informations about each band. Profesional printed CDr, limited to 210 copies. Price: 6€ or 7$

Polish death metal veterans from BESTIAR have released full lenght stuff which is called "Lethal Venom" by OLD TEMPLE! 10 tracks approximately 39 minutes of monumental and pure sick death metal. Stuff is available in official GRUFT distribution! Magazines send a proof of existence for promo. Shitty webzines, idiots writing about modern metal stars keep away!!!

Alcoholic bastards from BLOODTHIRST(Pol) released the new demo - split with EBOLA(Pol) by OBSCURE production!